6th - Colour Cercles - (Cercles cromàtics)

Isaac Newton defined the colour theory... What are primary colours? And secundary? Can you believe mixing different colours makes white? These and other questions were investigated in this project...

4th Reading Point (Punt de lectura)

Breaking colour papers into small parts and sticking them together? That's a collage! Cutting a slice of card and using it to remember where were we reading? That's a reading point? Easy and fun...

Write a New Title for this picture and win 15 points! (New season!)

This is the first game if this new season 2014-15... Write a new title (in english) for the image in a comment and win 15 points! Remember to write your name and surname. This game finishes the 3rd of December!

Selfportraits 2013-14

These are some of the pictures the children made last year using a digital drawing pad. You can see some older ones here.

Welcome back! Let's start playing and learning!

School will start in some days, meawhile you can play this game. There are many words to learn!

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