Murals de la Volta Ciclista 2016: Votació!

Quins són els vostres murals preferits de la Volta Ciclista a Catalunya? Cada mural te un número, esculliu els que us agraden més i voteu al formulari que trobareu a sota. Moltes gràcies per participar! Important: cal iniciar la sessió per poder votar. La votació finalitza el proper 1 de juny a les 11 del matí.


(remember you will get DOUBLE point cards of your Duolingo League Score Points)

Comproveu que no m'hagi equivocat sumant, si és així, envieu-me un comentari i ho solucionaré.

(FOURTH) - Wax Colour Menu

What do you get if you mix blue and yellow? Wax colour are great for mixing. In this project, kids create their menus, they first make a list of their ingredients, (in this case, colours), and then create their delicatessen dishes, their unique colour mixtures...

Write a title for this image and win 15 points! (Seventh game)

This is the sixth game of this season 2015-16... Write a new title (in english) for the image in a comment and win 15 points! Remember to write your name and surname.  
This game finishes the 18th of May!

The winners of this game are:
  • Pol Nasto: The battle of the Century
  • Queralt Palmada: Who will win?
  • Judit Canaleta: The best war boats
  • AnonymousKhouloud el Harrak: Funny games!
  • Paula Murio: The game of the year
  • Naiade Arcas: The boys and girls of 5th are playing the game "BATTLE SHIPS" 
  • Mariona Palmero: It is the end of the war
  • Amira Regrag: You must have a good memory for this game
  • Paula Gurri: It is a very interesting match
  • Núria Juvany: The war of the ships of 5èC
  • Samui Ventura: The battle ship of the experts!
  • Mònica Comajuan: Children are playing battleship
Congratulations, you win 15 points!

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