(QUART) - Paper Carnival

Carnival is here and we invest a few hours in thinking and creating from recycled photocopies. Check some of this year's costumes, ornaments and other crazy things!

(QUART) - XMAS SINGERS (cantants de nadal)

Check this xmas singers, really easy and fun! Many of the kids' xmas trees had them hanging from their branches...

Write a New Title for this picture and win 15 points! (Fourth game)

This is the third game of this season 2015-16... Write a new title (in english) for the image in a comment and win 15 points! Remember to write your name and surname. This game finishes the 17th of February!

Arts Vocabulary and Expressions Test Center Open!

Després d'uns quants dies de feina intensa obrim un espai web que us ajudarà a estudiar el vocabulari i les expressions que us calen per l'assignatura als cursos de quart, cinquè i sisè de primària. Si disposeu d'un correu electrònic, el email de l'escola us servirà perfectament, podeu fer els tests i rebre el resultat immediatament. Hi podreu accedir des de la pestana del menú "Arts Test Center!" Espero que us sigui útil!

(CINQUÈ) - Super Battle Ships

Have you ever played "Guerra de barcos"? Some of my kids hadn't so I decided to show them how. We can practise the alphabet and some other basic expressions while playing... Children in couples use the Super Battle Ship template to start a game. Teacher walks around the room and listens to the game play, (he is some kind of spy). If any of the children is not speaking in english, the spy teacher can help the opponent by telling him/her a ship location.

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