Many posts in this blog includes some new english keywords for the pupils. We decided to make some "flash-cards"  which can be used at any point and are part of what I call the basic english keywords for this project. I use these flashcards while explaining the activities to the children, specially in their early stages.
Verbs and actions are difficult to translate into images, specially if many of them are required. I always gesticulate when introducing new verbs and actions and often repeat them when speaking with the children.
In the 4th, 5th and 6th years we provide a syllabus including many vocabulary and expressions the teacher and the pupils should try to use while developing the Arts Projects. The promote the use of this expressions, English ans Arts Teachers award their effort with a simple point card game whioch lastes all year. We made different colour cards with several scorings. Teachers compensate pupils when using English in context.

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